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Library Data: S-Y

Schaut (Magyar 2418 C830115-9). Also known as Lirkig, a poor, desert hellworld with a thin atmosphere, a Class C starport, and a low population, early stellar society. The system is located on the Walpurgian Main in Voyager subsector. The mainworld is a former holding of the Dootchen Estates and had a Class B starport that was destroyed during the Solomani Rim War. The world is under the control of the Magyar Redevelopment Corporation, an Imperial agency funded by the Ministry of Commerce. The few inhabitants working for the Corporation are engaged in ongoing cleanup of the old highport, which scattered debris over millions of kilometers when it broke up in Schaut’s atmosphere.

sector. Mapping unit in astrography consisting of sixteen subsectors arranged in a pattern of four across and four deep, normally forming an administrative region. Sectors are broad measures of area and have an average of 480 to 840 worlds in each.

Seloo (Magyar 2102 A4319BA-E). A system located on a major trade route in the Seloo Cluster in Clown subsector, consisting of a G9 V primary and an M8 V far companion. The mainworld, which orbits the far companion, is a small, dry, tide-locked world with a very thin atmosphere, a Class A starport, and a high population, extreme law, high stellar society. A second major world, Pune (F687AA8-B), orbits the G9 V primary.

Although the mainworld is much less habitable than Pune, Seloo is an industrial workhorse. Throughout history Seloo and Pune have had a mutually beneficial relationship, with Seloo providing industrial might and Pune offering a bounty of agricultural resources. Following the Solomani Rim War Seloo was placed under martial law, but for the last 30 years has been ruled by an on-world government directly appointed by and closely overseen by the Navy.

The Imperial representative to Seloo is the Countess Ivo Aylen. The Imperial University of Seloo is a chartered university that features advanced sophontology and xenology studies as well as a renowned medical school. The Unified Army of Kobayashi stations the 21st Lift Cavalry Army onworld. The mainworld hosts Kalsubai Naval Base, associated with Alandi Highport and Naval Yard No. 33. The base is the headquarters for the Magyar Sector Fleet, the 131st Subsector Fleet, and the 3,411th Marine Line Regiment. As Magyar does not have a Naval Depot Kalsubai is the site of the Imperial Naval Academy for the sector.

Sinott (Magyar 2512 A431742-E). A small, poor, tide-locked world located in Kline subsector. The system also has a notable secondary world, Dagmar (GC85551-7), a cold tide-locked farming planet. The mainworld was largely unexploited until the Solomani period, when the Dootchen Estates claimed the world. Following the temporary collapse of the Estates during the Solomani Rim War, Sinott joined the Imperium. Sinott is currently located on a main trade route. Its shipyard, which is capable of manufacturing large starships, is owned by Allied Prefabricated Ships and Vessels. Kline Synthetic Technologies maintain a manufacturing center on the mainworld.

Solamani. One of three major human races within the known galaxy. Solomani originated on Terra (Solomani Rim 1827 A867A69-F), and are concentrated in the rimward regions of the Imperium. The term Solomani is of unknown origin, but has variously been translated as men of Sol, only men, or true men.

Solomani Catholic Church. A militant human supremacist religion with great influence within the Solomani Sphere. The Solomani Catholic Church uses the New Solomani Bible and is actively engaged in both missionary work and political affairs.

The Solomani Catholic Church is one of the various Turin Rite churches originating on Turin (Alpha Crucis 0630 A623A99-E) and neighboring worlds. This region was mostly settled by European Christians from the Alpha Crucis Foundation. These immigrants left Terra just prior to the Third Interstellar War, largely over a doctrinal split with the Vatican in regard to the salvation of non-Human aliens. During the Long Night these worlds formed the Consolidation of Turin, an interstellar commonwealth united by strong belief in a shared religion. In the 700s and 800s the rise of the Solomani Catholic Church brought Turin into the forefront of the nascent Solomani Movement and gave it significant influence in the Solomani Confederation.

In the late 400s missionaries from the Turin Consolidation begin evangelizing in Beta and Delta quadrants of Magyar sector. Turin Rite churches quickly gained converts and by the late 600s had become well established on several worlds in New Mars subsector. In the 700s proxy conflicts between the Solomani Catholic Church and the Church of the First Cross resulted in schismatic violence that was only quelled by Imperial intervention. Following the Rim War, the Church was suppressed by the Imperial occupiers, but a popular outcry quickly led to its restoration.

Centers of the Solomani Catholic Church in Magyar include Beta (Magyar 3128 C576ADA-9), Doucette (Magyar 3220 B6A78DD-9), Rouern (Magyar 3213 D5568DC-4), and Guenivier (Magyar 2505 AAE78D9-B).

Solomani Confederation. A human-dominated interstellar community located directly to rimward of the Imperium. The majority of its worlds are part of the old Solomani Sphere, which was originally defined as the worlds that are within 50 parsecs of Terra (Solomani Rim 1827). The Confederation currently claims nearly 2,000 worlds within a region over 400 light-years across.

Formerly the Solomani Autonomous Region, the Confederation was a part of the Third Imperium granted autonomy in 704. In 871, the government reorganized itself as the Solomani Confederation, a move tantamount to a declaration of independence. At first ignored by the Imperial government, the belligerent and extremist policies of the Confederation led eventually to the Solomani Rim War. Since the war, the Confederation government has maintained an official détente with the Imperium.

The chief governing body of the Solomani Confederation is the Secretariat. The Secretariat is presided over by the Secretary General, who is elected from its membership. The Secretary General is the chief administrative officer of the Solomani government, and while the office holds great power, it is fully accountable to the Secretariat.

All government officeholders and officials must be members of the official party, the Solomani Movement. Still, the real power in the Confederation is held by the government and its factions. Because of the greater degree of local autonomy that exists in the Solomani Confederation, interworld factionalism exists to a much greater degree than had been allowed in the Imperium. Coalitions of worlds exist outside the normal government channels which sometimes equal them in importance within a given region. Examples of such coalitions within Magyar include the New Slavic Solidarity, the Reformed Dootchen Estates, and the Wuan Technology Association.

Solomanl Movement. An organization devoted to the doctrine that humans of Solomani descent are superior to all others and are most fit to rule the galaxy.

Solomani Rim sector. A long-settled, well-established sector which lies on the rimward frontier of the Third Imperium. The humans of Terra (Solomani Rim 1827 A867A69-F) have dominated interstellar history for the past three thousand years. The Solomani Rim has an estimated population of more than 1.66 trillion.

Solomani Rim War [990 to 1002]. War between the Third Imperium and the Solomani Confederation during which a large portion of the Solomani Rim sector was returned to Imperial control.

While the initial phase of the war went very well for the Solomani, the period from 993 to 998 was one of stalemate. The Solomani abandoned their plans for further expansion in order to rebuild their forces, but were never able to regain the initiative. By 998, the Imperial Navy had achieved strategic dominance as the greater industrial base of the Imperium made its power felt.

The last phase of the war, 998 to 1002, consisted of a near continual advance by Imperial forces into the heart of the Solomani Sphere. In 1000 the main Imperial force entered the Solomani Rim with the objective of capturing the strategically important Vegan District. Meanwhile Admiral Miiri Elixabeth Kemper conducted the Magyar Campaign to spinward, which cut off the Confederation’s Daibei and Magyar sector fleets from the Rim and severely degraded Confederation industrial capabilities in Magyar. By 1001 Imperial forces had captured the Vegan District, and in early 1002 scattered the Solomani Grand Fleet at the Battle of Dingir.

A TL7 simulation of the Battle of Terra.

The Imperial high command decided that Terra, the capital of the Confederation, would have to be invaded in order to end forever all claims of Solomani superiority. They assembled a sizable fraction of the Imperial forces in the Solomani Sphere into an assault force. The invasion began in the second quarter of 1002, and the hard-fought campaign lasted until nearly the end of the year.

In the end, the Imperium conquered the planet. However, the Battle for Terra had consumed so many military resources that the Imperial high command felt they lacked sufficient strength to resume their advance into the rest of the Solomani Sphere. Accordingly, they negotiated a temporary armistice with the Solomani military commanders, who were glad to gain a respite. The war ended on this basis as both the Imperial and Solomani civilian governments, who were concerned with the strain placed on their economies by the protracted war, informally agreed to extend the armistice indefinitely.

starport. Establishment for the landing, servicing, refueling, and control of starships. Starports range in quality from A (the best and most extensive) to E (the worst, little more than a spot of cleared ground).

Starports generally have two components: a surface facility and an orbital facility. The surface facility includes cargo handling installations, a landing field, control towers, and other necessary areas. Surface starport components are frequently called Down (as in Mirjam Down Starport on Kline). Orbital facilities are present (usually in stationary orbit above the surface component) to enable handling of unstreamlined ships and to allow construction of heavy craft in orbit. The orbital component is often called Orbital (as in Mirjam Orbital Starport) or Highport. Type D and E starports have no extensive orbital facilities, but they usually have navigational satellites or similar equipment. Nonstreamlined ships at these starports must be serviced by shuttles.

subsector. Mapping unit in astrography 8 by 10 parsecs in size, normally forming an administrative region. Average density is 30 to 40 worlds per subsector. Subsectors are noted within a sector by their position using the first sixteen letters of the alphabet (A-P).

system. A star and its associated companion stars (if any), orbiting planets, and their associated bodies. One world of the system is designated the mainworld and identifies the system.

Terran Confederation [-2398 to -2204]. Interstellar government consisting of Terra (Solomani Rim 1827) and its colony worlds. Following the conclusion of the Interstellar Wars the Confederation was dissolved in -2204 upon the proclamation of the Rule of Man to replace the Vilani First Imperium.

Third Imperium [0 to present]. Founded in the Year 0 by Cleon, first Emperor, as the successor to the Sylean Federation, a growing, expanding government centered in territory formerly part of the First and Second Imperiums. The rise of the Third Imperium marked the end of the Long Night and the beginning of present day interstellar government. The Third Imperium contains more than 11,000 worlds in an area more than 700 parsecs across.

Travellers’ Aid Society (TAS). A private interstellar organization dedicated to assisting its members as they travel throughout the Imperium and beyond. With offices at most major starports, TAS provides several services, including member hostels at all Class A starports, free access to the Traveller News Service on all worlds with TAS offices, free Travel Zone advisories, and one paid high passage every two months. This passage may be used, retained, or sold. A lifetime membership can be purchased for a one-time MCr1 fee, subject to TAS review and approval. Sometimes the Imperium awards TAS membership for long service or acts of extreme heroism.

Typoer (Magyar 3210 X6428AB-5). A dry hellworld in Anise subsector with a thin oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere tainted by radiation. The planet is cold, orbiting just at the outer edge of the K0 V primary’s habitable zone. Originally known as Kaniir, Typoer was explored during the First Imperium but not settled in earnest until five hundred years ago. The world was deeply divided during the Solomani period, with hostilities eventually escalating into a brutal civil war two hundred years ago that leveled many of Typoer’s cities and reduced its overall tech level to early electricity. The remaining population of 600 million ekes out a meager existence in the ruins. After a bloody, decades-long campaign most of the world has been united for the last 40 years under the rule of the “Unified World Leader,” Emila Rohit, who has instituted extreme law and has resisted all Imperial offers of assistance. Despite this the Imperium carefully monitors the situation and has occasionally deployed troops onworld to curtail outright atrocities. The system has been issued a Red Zone travel advisory and planetfall is forbidden.

University of Neidenhafen. Large institution of higher learning on Gerwalk (Magyar 2631 C100941-D).

Vallance (Magyar 3219 A6B4598-E). A tide-locked world with a nitrogen atmosphere and ammonia seas, a Class A starport, and a high law, high stellar society. It is located on an important trade route, and most of the population of 100,000 live and work either in the orbital highport or in small research stations clustered around the downport. A Vegan joint venture has recently acquired the shipyards, much to the consternation of Solomani observers. Vallance has been issued an Amber Zone travel advisory due to the dangerous conditions on the planetary surface. A secondary world, Unsharlur (F8A5835-8), orbits the system’s far companion and is the location of the Unsharlur Eduba, an independent merchant academy.

Vegan. An intelligent minor race originating on Muan Gwi (Solomani Rim 1717 A456A86-F) and inhabiting the Vegan Autonomous District; they are named by Humans after the bright star near their homeworld. The Vegans are an enigmatic alien species with an efficient, peaceful society and great technical ability. The worlds of the District are under a single, centralized government. State power is contained in a civil service and is chosen and promoted by competitive examinations.

In the century since the Solomani Rim War, the Vegan Autonomous District has blossomed economically and culturally. The Vegans have begun to explore commercial opportunities in Magyar sector, particularly within nearby Kline subsector.

Veriti. A regional news organization funded by the Solomani Confederation government and covering Magyar, Daibei, Reavers Deep, Dark Nebula, and Ustral Quadrant. Veriti’s slogan is The Truth will Out. The organization maintains offices on any Solomani world with a class A starport and specializes in investigative journalism highly critical of the nobility and the megacorporations. While Veriti has been very effective at uncovering governmental corruption, it is subject to frequent Imperial censoring and as such is a prime advocate for journalistic freedoms in the Imperium.

Vilani. One of three major human races within the known galaxy. Responsible for the First Imperium, a predecessor to the current Imperium, which had its capital at Vland (Vland 1717 A967A9A-F) for several thousand years. Vilani are the most widespread of human races.

Dissidents from the First Imperium were the first known humans to explore Magyar sector beginning around -4100. They claimed most of Anise and Kline subsectors, as well as part of Voyager subsector. This area marked the spinward and rimward boundary of the First Imperium. These Vilani worlds suffered greatly from the collapse of the Rule of Man and were frequently at the mercy of the Reavers. Many of these worlds emerged from the Long Night with only a tenuous connection to their Vilani roots. It is ironic, then, that Solomani racial and separatist policies directly led to a resurgence of the Vilani language and identity in the region.

The Vilani language is one of the two official languages of the Third Imperium. In Magyar, both Anglic and Vilani are in common usage and are mandated to be equally emphasized. The enforcement of this requirement is generally resented by those citizens with strong Solomani sympathies.

wafer jack. A cyber implant allowing use of skill or personality wafers and providing direct access to computer systems. Wafer technology records essential skills, knowledges, talents, memories, and even personalities on portable wafers: thin chips which temporarily implant specific elements of a personality. Single Skill Wafers (SSW) convey temporary expertise in a single skill, but the user’s personality predominates. Many ships carry a reserve kit of SSW for emergency use. Emergency Personality Wafers (EPW) contain a recorded personality with memories and experiences. The recorded personality predominates. Major organizations maintain EPWs loaded with a specific (perhaps edited) personality suited for specific situations. Entertainment Wafers contain a less intense personality transfer for entertainment purposes: the user feels like he is the new personality until it dissipates upon awakening from the next sleep period, but he retains memories of the experience.

During the Solomani Rim War’s Second Battle of Fornorb, the bridge of the CSS Valvasone, a Victory-class battlecruiser and flagship of the 71st FleetRon, suffered a catastrophic hit killing the captain and all other senior officers. The only available spacer with a wafer jack was one Ensign Wright Henrii, who activated an EPW containing the personality of Confederation Admiral Ezra “No Retreat” Novak. The Novak personality immediately took control of the situation, rallying the 71st FleetRon. Although the Valvasone was destroyed and Ensign Henrii killed, Novak’s actions avoided a complete rout. Henrii received a posthumous promotion to captain, the only such honor for an ensign in the entire history of the Confederation Navy.

Walpurgian Main. A string of 65 worlds connected by Jump-1 that traverses Anise and Kline subsectors, with spurs in both Clown and Voyager subsectors.

Walpurgis. Former name for Kline subsector. The subsector was known as Uruk to the Vilani First Imperium.

Wicker (Magyar 2728 A742843-C). A poor, dry, and frozen hellworld with a thin atmosphere, a Class A starport, and a high population, low law, average stellar tech society. The system also contains a tide-locked secondary world, Marston (F4346AB-9). Located on a major trade route, Wicker is the subsector capital and seat of the Duchy of Fugue. Wicker hosts the headquarters of the Unified Army of Fugue, which maintains an Imperial Military Academy, a Command College, and a Staff College. Wicker also hosts the Merchant Academy of Fugue. The mainworld’s shipyards are run by General Products. Wicker hosts regular android fighting matches that draw crowds from across the sector.

yard. Commercial facility for the building and repair of starships and spacecraft. Starports, being the primary point at which starships interact with a system, are the usual location for shipyards. Any class A starport has a shipyard that can build any kind of ship, including starships with jump drives; any class B starport can build small craft and ships that do not have jump drives.

Magyar was famed as a major shipbuilder for the Solomani Confederation. “Magyar Built” was synonymous with durability and reliability, if not aesthetics or cutting edge tech. During the Solomani Rim War an unsustainable level of Magyar’s economic resources were diverted to military shipbuilding. As a shipbuilding center, the sector was specifically targeted by Imperial war planners. Many shipyards were destroyed during the brutal Magyar Campaign, and the sector economy crashed into recession in the wake of the war, shuttering many more yards.

Several Imperial corporations snatched up contracts for new Magyar shipyards, contracts made even more lucrative due to corporate subsidies, endemically low wages, and limited regulations. A few Confederation firms made the transition to Imperial control, most notably Allied Prefabricated Ships and Vessels, which bought up many competitor yards and by 1040 had become the dominant builder of small and medium sized civilian craft in the region. In addition to APS&V, major Imperial shipbuilders in Magyar include General Products and Ling-Standard Products. Major Solomani builders include Iouo Interstellar Yards, Panstellar, Solomani Military Industries, and Transstar. The overall tech lag in the sector limits the most lucrative military contracts. Kimel (Daibei 2239 A555AEH-F), Shululsish (Solomani Rim 0214 A584A52-F), and Yrsai (Solomani Rim 0511 A663A9B-F) are the few nearby exporters of TL15 components.

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