Monday, February 25, 2019

Into the Interface: Player Characters

We played through a fun Traveller session last weekend, and I hope we can use these characters for future adventures. It was my first time running a group through Mongoose Traveller 2e character gen, and for some players it was their first Traveller game of any edition. We ended up with a pretty interesting group with a nice mix of skills and backgrounds—lots of fodder for future adventures.

Here's the complete roster of PCs in a decidedly old school format:

Name Marine Barry “Boone” Russell UPP CB9557
Service Marine, 3 terms; Drifter, 2 terms Rank Lance Corporal
Birthdate 060-1064 Homeworld Ferstenberg (Magyar 2704 C00079A-B)
Skills Astrogation 0, Athletics (Dex) 1, Athletics (Str) 1, Gun Combat (energy) 2, Gunner (turret) 1, Heavy Weapons 0, Melee (blade) 1, Pilot 0, Stealth 0, Tactics 0, Vacc Suit 2
Possessions cutlass, frag grenade x 2, laser pistol, laser rifle, shotgun, smoke grenade, vacc suit, Traveller’s Aid Society membership Money Cr8,000  
Comments For his first term, Boone completed ground assault training on Gyurenek (Magyar 2912 B778458-C) and was issued the standard Redding assault battledress and a fusion battle rifle. He was assigned to the 9th Line Company of the Imperial Marines 1,548th Line Regiment, 20th Fleet, Anise. As part of a Marine Task Force, Boone was deployed on a police action to Asrow (Magyar 3006 X598548-5), an interdicted world. During Operation Black Pinion, Boone’s commander, Force Captain Baltazar Benes, made a significant miscalculation resulting in Boone’s platoon being torn apart by a withering crossfire. Boone reported the Captain, who was demoted.

In his second term Boone was transferred to the 7th Line Company, which was assigned to a counter-insurgency Marine Task Force deployed to the high-population world of Austa (Magyar 2503 C796ABE-B). Boone was promoted to Lance Corporal, but a disastrous relationship with his commander’s daughter put him in the crosshairs of Force Commander Audra Houston. For his third term Boone was transferred to the 2nd Line Company and deployed on a counter-insurgency mission to Typoer (Magyar 3210 X6428AB-5), an interdicted, low-tech pariah world wracked by two centuries of civil war. There he received a citation for Meritorious Conduct Under Fire. However, Boone quarreled with Gunnery Sergeant Raj Lishun and was forced out of the service.

Boone spent the next two terms working as a scavenger on Typoer, salvaging useful material from the ruins. In his first term Boone experienced a mysterious loss of memory while excavating radioactives from the bombed-out city of Zonule. During his second term he encountered his old enemy Baltazar Benes, then employed as a mercenary hunting down insurgents. In the firefight that ensued Boone was able to escape and make his way off-world.

Name Starman Cryo UPP 367A87
Service Navy, 5 terms Rank Petty Officer, 2nd class
Birthdate 246-1065 Homeworld Wicker (Magyar 2728 A742843-C)
Skills Admin 0, Athletics 0, Astrogration 0, Electronics (sensors) 1, Engineer (life support) 1, Flyer 0, Gun Combat 0, Gunner (turret) 3, Language 0, Mechanic 1, Medic 0, Navigation 2, Pilot (spacecraft) 2, Vacc Suit 1
Possessions auto rifle, cutlass, grenade, hostile vacc suit, laser sniper rifle, stunner Money Cr3,000
Comments Cryo attended the Naval Training Center at Asorret (Magyar 2923 B403866-B) where he received Flight branch training. He was assigned to the INS Novy Okorovo, an Ershur-class battleship, part of the 142nd BatRon, 96th Imperial Fleet. He was placed in the frozen watch but was severely injured when he was improperly revived, requiring months of painful recovery.

For his second term Cryo was assigned to the 481st CruRon, on station in the Gjerdingen (Magyar 3123 X5758A9-5) system. Gjerdingen was torn apart by ethnic violence following the Solomani Rim War, culminating in the release of a genetically engineered “superflu” 50 years ago that killed nearly 40% of the world’s population. In response the Imperium interdicted the world and naval forces patrol the system to prevent unauthorized landings. Cryo was able to crew many different ships of the squadron, which included a 50,000 dt Gehorsam-class interdiction tender, several Chrysanthemum-class destroyers, several Fiery-class close escorts, and numerous support ships. The J-2 Gehorsam essentially acts as a mobile base, carrying a large number of fighters and gunboats.

During this second term Cryo’s gunboat was engaged in a notable military engagement with armed smugglers. He received a Meritorious Conduct Under Fire citation and was promoted to Able Spacehand. In his third term he attracted the interest of Captain Tatiana Vuković, Officer Commanding, 481st CruRon. He was promoted to Petty Officer, 3rd Class. In his fourth term he was given a special duty assignment and sent back to Asorret for Gunnery School. There he was promoted to Petty Officer, 2nd class. In his fifth term he was returned to the 481st CruRon where his Wespe-class gunboat was shot down by insurgents over Gjerdingen. Cryo was severely injured in the crash and after receiving his second MCUF citation he retired with a naval pension.

Name HotLolz69420xxx UPP 22146C
Service Noble, 1 term; Entertainer, 2 terms; Drifter, 2 terms Rank N/A
Birthdate 031-1064 Homeworld Beta (Magyar 3128 C576ADA-9)
Skills Admin 0, Advocate 0, Art (holography) 2, Carouse 2, Deception 1, Diplomat 0, Electronics (comms) 1, Electronics (computers) 2, Investigate 0, Language 0, Mechanic 0, Persuade 2, Recon 0, Streetwise 0
Possessions stim drug x10, metabolic accelerator x2, fast drug x5, panacea x10, light intensity goggles, comm, hair gel, handgun Money Cr8,095
Comments HotLolz69420xxx was born to Sir Cedric Radimir Garner, Baronet of Montlivan (Magyar 3222 C688456-A) and Dame Augustina Rigby Garner. His parents separated shortly before his birth on Beta, his mother’s own homeworld. Raised at Brantine, her family estate, he enjoyed a privileged childhood. But not even his mother’s connections could get him into university, so he embarked on a “gap term” of pure indolence, where he became caught up in a conspiracy of nobles against Comtesse Agatha haut Ikin, the Imperial representative to Beta. The Comtesse’s sensational affair with not one but two different courtiers was widely reported across the subsector.

He then turned his attention to art, officially changing his name to HotLolz69420xxx and becoming a celebrated lifestyle holographer, where he met Alexis Padmore, a Regional Executive for Cynosure Entertainment. HotLolz enjoyed immediate success, joining Beta’s celebrity circles. However, in his next term he attempted to do more serious pieces that criticized the Solomani Catholic Church. The resulting scandal outraged Beta’s highly religious audience, effectively ending his holography career.

HotLolz spent his next two terms as a drifter, wandering around the subsector with a vague hope of somehow resurrecting his career. His one constant companion during this period was his android “valet,” a gift from his estranged father. During his fourth term on Sinott (Magyar 2512 A431742-E) HotLolz met a friendly entrepreneur, Timo Waller, with a talent for providing illicit goods and services. But during his fifth term HotLolz fell afoul of Zoya Kozlov, the matriarch of a criminal organization spanning Anise subsector. On Doak (Magyar 2709 B313401-D) an investigation by the Ministry of Justice dismantled Zoya’s narcotics operation and she has placed the blame on HotLolz, who somehow escaped unharmed.

Name Trooper Howard UPP 797A77
Service Army, 4 terms; Merchant, 1 term Rank Corporal
Birthdate 193-1065 Homeworld Wicker (Magyar 2728 A742843-C)
Skills Admin 0, Athletics (Dex) 1, Gun Combat (slug) 1, Heavy Weapons 0, Language (Vilani) 1, Medic 3, Melee 0, Persuade 0, Recon 2, Steward 1, Vacc Suit 0
Possessions ACR, auto pistol, auto rifle, frag grenade, shotgun, smoke grenade, vacc suit Money Cr14,000
Comments Howard joined the Imperial Army and was inducted into the Unified Army of Fugue, 1st Wickerine Guards, 272nd Division, 73rd Lift Cavalry Field Army. He received basic and medical specialist training on Wicker and participated in Operation Sagamore, a police action on Gjerdingen (Magyar 3123 X5758A9-5). There he received a citation for Meritorious Conduct Under Fire.

During his second term the 1st Wickerine Guards were involved in a controversial cross-border action on the balkanized Solomani Confederation world of Fatagin (Magyar 2229 B667878-A). Fossur, one of the largest Fataginian nation-states, had been caught supplying weapons of mass destruction to insurgencies inside the Imperium. The Confederation itself denounced Fossur as a rogue nation, and Operation Bright Volt was intended to be a fast-moving, punitive raid on Fossur’s weapons-making complexes. As Imperial naval forces engaged local system defense forces in high orbit, Imperial marines and army units were inserted onworld. The entire operation was intended to last less than 100 hours but the ground forces quickly became bogged down fighting entrenched Home Guard and Solomani regular army troops. Hours turned into days, which turned into weeks. After 38 days of fierce fighting the Imperial ground forces were withdrawn, narrowly avoiding a larger war with the Confederation. During this action Howard received his second MCUF.

During his third term his unit was assigned to garrison the high-population world of Beta (Magyar 3128 C576ADA-9), where Howard was promoted to Corporal. For his fourth term the Wickerine Guards were posted to garrison Iatur (Magyar 2628 C510A9E-B), a high-population border world. There Howard discovered that his commanding officer was diverting combat drugs from the regimental supply to the local black market. Howard cooperated with the military police, but was discharged from the Army just for his association.

Howard then joined the merchant service, where he spent one term working for Celestine Transfers, an interface line moving goods back and forth between the Imperium and the Solomani Confederation.

Name Ronald from Vallance UPP AE9636
Service Rogue, 5 terms Rank N/A
Birthdate 152-1063 Homeworld Vallance (Magyar 3219 A6B4598-E)
Skills Athletics (Dex) 1, Deception 0, Electronics (computers) 1, Gun Combat (slug) 4, Melee 0, Persuade 0, Recon 0, Stealth 2, Streetwise 3, Vacc Suit 0
Possessions ACR, body pistol, 2 daggers, flak jacket, laser pistol, laser rifle, shotgun, stunner, vacc suit Money Cr10,000
Comments At an early age Ronald was recruited into the service of Lerato Botha, a senior figure in the Jarslavi Cartel, a sprawling criminal network operating on both Solomani and Imperial worlds of Swan, New Mars, and Albadawi subsectors. Ronald was quickly identified by the Cartel as a highly effective enforcer. During his first term Ronald was injured but not seriously, and his pluck deeply impressed his superiors. All told, Ronald served five terms with the Cartel, steadily rising up through the ranks. At one point he was betrayed by one of his fellow enforcers, Thando Kariuki, who claimed Ronald was a Ministry of Justice confidential informant. Fortunately, Ronald was able to maintain his innocence. At another juncture Ronald was able to hijack a shipment of illegal cybernetic augments from a rival criminal, Savva Medved. While the heist was lucrative to Ronald and the Cartel, he gained her as a bitter enemy. During his fifth term Lerato Botha came to regard Ronald as his own protégé and introduced him to several other senior members of the Cartel. However, shortly thereafter Lerato was killed in a shootout with Ministry of Justice agents, which helped prompt Ronald to “retire” from the organization.

Name Bodyguard 3185D31A, “Sonny” UPP 7BA800
Service Android Rank N/A
Birthdate 025-1094 Homeworld N/A
Skills Drive (wheel) 1, Flyer (grav) 2, Gun Combat (slug) 1, Medic 0, Melee (unarmed) 1, Pilot (small craft) 1, Recon 1
Possessions cloth armor (TL10), gauss pistol, stun stick Money Cr10,000
Comments Bodyguard 3185D31A is a synthetic person produced by Kline Synthetic Technologies, one of the larger Imperial manufacturers of androids. KST services Imperial territory in Daibei, Magyar, and the Solomani Rim. The Bodyguard is a high-end Verisim-8 model, built to closely resemble a human in all ways but possessing superior physical characteristics. It can only be identified as a synthetic through a retinal scan or by a close examination of its fingerprints, which contain the KST logo and its serial number. The android requires weekly amino enzyme supplements in order to process human foods. Verisim-8 models are produced in small batches at the Mirjam Advanced Manufacturing Center on Kline (Magyar 3012 A642987-E) and are customizable to the buyer’s specifications. Sir Cedric Radimir Garner, Baronet of Montlivan, ordered 3185D31A as a present to his only son, HotLolz69420xxx, with the express purpose of keeping the young wastrel out of trouble. The android has been nicknamed “Sonny” due to the Baronet’s supposed preference for the synthetic over his own flesh-and-blood, a claim that could actually be true. What is indisputable is that the Baronet emancipated Sonny after only eight years of service and has placed the android on a Cr10,000 annual retainer to continue guarding his son.

Name Wayne Masada UPP 576953
Service Scout, 1 term; Merchant, 3 terms Rank 4th Officer
Birthdate 179-1065 Homeworld Gerwalk (Magyar 2631 C100941-D)
Skills Astrogation 1, Broker 0, Deception 0, Diplomat 1, Electronics (remote ops) 1, Gun Combat 0, Investigate 2, Mechanic 2, Navigation 1, Pilot 0, Persuade 1, Steward 0, Streetwise 0, Survival 0, Vacc Suit 1
Possessions aerosol grenade, laser pistol, shotgun, stun stick, vacc suit, comm unit, medikit, light intensifying goggles, probe drone Money Cr6,700
Comments Wayne Masada attended the University of Neidenhafen on Gerwalk, but failed to graduate. He then enlisted in the Imperial Scout Service and was sent to the Apollon IISS base on Beta (Magyar 3128 C576ADA-9) for induction and basic training. Wayne was assigned to the Survey Office, External Mapping Branch, which is responsible for maintaining the basic navigational charts and databases for areas outside the Imperium.

During his first term Wayne conducted surveys of neighboring Solomani Confederation worlds, including Morgenstern (Magyar 2625 E999589-8), a minor, non-industrial world notable only for a reported Ancients site. Wayne observed an unusual number of Marathon-class fleet couriers passing through the system and his ship was promptly captured by an Independence-class Solomani patrol cruiser. He was briefly detained on espionage charges until an exasperated IISS Administrator, Helen Lúcia, could negotiate his release. This minor diplomatic incident spurred Lúcia to ensure that Wayne was discharged from the Scouts.

Wayne then spent his next three terms in the merchant service, working for Celestine Transfers, a small interface line with cross-border runs between Kugle (Magyar 2423 A522656-E) and Elnor (Magyar 2223 A554611-C) and surrounding worlds. Twice Wayne was caught up in legal disputes with Solomani customs authorities, but he was able to avoid any serious fines or convictions. In his second term Wayne was promoted to Senior Crewman and during his final term Wayne was promoted to 4th Officer. In his final years in the service Wayne met Dame Wilda Pernel-Traves, the Imperial representative to Kugle.

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