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Potential Starship Engineers

“The engineer is essential for the proper operation of any starships. Expertise qualifies the individual for such jobs, and can be used to get working passage on a ship in need of help. Greater levels of expertise enable the individual to handle problems of greater complexity and jobs with higher levels of responsibility” —The Traveller Book, p. 23.

After reviewing expected salaries for starship engineers as well as the prices of indentured clones and robots, I generated several interesting candidates for my Mongoose Traveller game:

Vladan Merritt
UPP 47B888
Species human
Gender male
Age 34
Homeworld Hrongding (Magyar 2817 B621511-C)
Service Scouts, 1 term; Navy, 3 terms
Rank Sublieutenant
Skills Admin 0, Astrogation 0, Electronics (computers) 1, Engineer (J-drive) 1, Engineer (M-drive) 1, Engineer (power) 2, Gun Combat 0, Gunner 0, Leadership 1, Mechanic 1, Medic 0, Melee (blade) 1, Pilot 0, Survival 0, Vacc Suit 1
Possessions submachine gun, wafer jack
Money Cr55,000
Comments Vladen is a square-jawed perfectionist of medium height with a short, military-style haircut. He joined the Scout Service but his courier ship was destroyed during a pirate attack in the Dexter (Magyar 2416 B587510-B) system. Forced out of the IISS, he was drafted into the Navy and assigned to Engineering Branch. His superiors noted his mechanical aptitude and he was quickly promoted, gaining a commission in his second term. During his third term, Vladan’s patrol cruiser Uniti was attacked by Solomani pirates. Although the engineering section was holed during the battle, Vladen stayed at his post long enough to get the maneuver drive back online, saving the entire ship. Although he received a citation for his actions, the event spurred Vladen to leave the Navy to see more of Charted Space. He will request a monthly salary of Cr5,600.
Zeke Dimitar
UPP 8656A3
Species human
Gender male
Age 26
Homeworld Clarmoment (Magyar 2415 B543426-B)
Service Merchant, 2 terms
Rank 4th Officer
Skills Drive 0, Electronics (Computers) 1, Engineer (J-drive) 2, Engineer (Power) 1, Gun Combat 0, Medic 2, Vacc Suit 1
Possessions body pistol
Money Cr10,000
Comments Zeke is a large, heavy-set man. He is friendly and talkative, though rough around the edges. Despite his crudeness, he is surprisingly knowledgeable about Jump drive theory. Zeke was recruited by Ling-Standard Products and given advanced engineering training at the LSP Merchant Academy on Dexter (Magyar 2416 B587510-B). Following graduation he was assigned to the LSP merchant fleet, where he served on various freighters carrying LSP goods into the Solomani worlds of Magyar and Dark Nebula. Although a competent engineer, Zeke was a loafer and bellyacher, and quit LSP after only two terms. Zeke is conflicted about his hasty exit: he likes to brag about having worked for a megacorporation, but he is quick to enumerate LSP’s numerous real and perceived faults. Zeke will request a monthly salary of Cr4,800.
Dr. Yan Golt
UPP 476BF7
Species human
Gender male
Age 30
Homeworld Fornorb (Magyar 2616 C997A85-A)
Service University, Citizen 2 terms
Rank Manager
Skills Admin 2, Astrogation 1, Deception 1, Drive 0, Electronics 0, Engineer (power) 2, Flyer 0, Language 0, Leadership 1, Mechanic 0, Melee 0, Profession 0, Science 0, Steward 0, Streetwise 0
Possessions none
Money Cr20,000
Comments Dr. Golt is a slender man of medium height with a thin face and an affable but slightly distracted demeanor. He studied engineering at the Imperial University of Seloo. Graduating with honors, he was recruited by the University’ Advanced Power Plant Research Institute, where he was quickly pulled into administration and promoted to assistant director. He soon discovered that the Institute was conducting secret military research for the Imperial Navy in contravention of its charter, but he helped cover up this information. Bored with administration, he resigned. Although he has never worked onboard a starship, Dr. Golt imagines an invigorating opportunity to pursue his passion for “true’ engineering. Although extremely knowledgeable, he has limited real world experience and occasionally becomes consumed with interesting but impractical ideas. Dr. Golt will request a monthly salary of Cr4,000.
Aleg Anatol
Species human
Gender male
Age 21
Homeworld Kline (Magyar 3012 A541987-E)
Service Drifter, 1 term
Rank N/A
Skills Admin 0, Athletics 0, Carouse 0, Jack-of-All-Trades 1, Melee 0, Recon 0, Stealth 0, Streetwise 1, Survival 0
Possessions wafer jack
Money Cr100
Comments Aleg is a strapping, clean-cut figure with a winning smile and a friendly, confident demeanor. A remarkably quick study, he is inquisitive and highly observant. Aleg is also an extraordinarily successful con man and imposter. Aleg’s mother had been a successful executive with Allied Prefabricated Ships & Vessels until she was arrested for embezzlement when Aleg was still a teenager. He has spent the last five years wandering the sector, successfully running a series of fraudulent schemes. He has unfortunately drawn the attention of the Imperial Ministry of Justice and is being actively pursued by at least two dedicated agents. Aleg is currently claiming to be a starship engineer and is seeking working passage to the next three starports. An expert forger, he can produce documentation showing he is a veteran of the Klinean Naval Reserves, rated as class 1 jump drive engineer.
Robertina Nine
UPP 78A987
Species human clone
Gender female
Age 19
Homeworld Coglan (Magyar 2214 AA9A8A6-E)
Service N/A
Rank N/A
Skills Electronics (computers) 1, Engineer (M-drive) 1, Engineer (J-drive) 1, Engineer (power plant) 1, Mechanic 1, Profession (construction) 1, Science 0, Survival 0, Vacc Suit 0
Possessions none
Money Cr0
Comments Robertina Nine is a guest clone produced by Totaliti Workforce, well suited for construction and engineering tasks. She is a small, slender woman with short dark hair and a prominent red facial tattoo of the Totaliti corporate logo, a status identifier. Tough and clever, her pattern spent four terms building and rehabbing starport facilities. Robertina was sold to the free trader Logan, but when the ship’s captain attempted to assault her she fled at the next starport. After seven months on the run she was caught by a Totaliti bounty hunter. The company will tell prospective buyers that she was repossessed because her former employer fell into arrears. Her 5-year indenture can be bought for a down payment of Cr36,000 and monthly payments of Cr2,912.
Starport Mechanic Toolbot
Manufacturer Popov Robotics
Model Tinker 5600
Cost KCr100
Hits 56
Speed 6m
Traits Armor (+2), Large (+1)
Programming Basic (mechanic)
Skills Engineer 0, Electronics 0, Mechanic 0
Comments The Tinker 5600 is a common toolbot found in starports throughout Magyar, designed for delicate repair work on electronics and control systems. It has a large cylindrical body that rides atop a set of motorized tracks. Its two light tentacles and two light arms allow it to access restricted work spaces inside a starship. The Tinker, a blatant copy of Tukera’s 232-BHR-7, is notorious for its tendency to fail at inopportune moments. Spr0cket can be financed for a 10-year term with a down payment of Cr20,000 and monthly payments of Cr800. However, Spr0cket requires monthly repairs of Cr170 in order to continue to function.

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