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Wicker Orbital Hostage Crisis: On 152-1041, Solomani terrorists seized an entire concourse of the highport at Wicker (Magyar 2728). They took over 200 hostages, demanding repatriation to the Confederation and the immediate release of several elderly Rim War veterans still held in Imperial prisons. Duke Solon Kossuth’s only answer was to cut power and contragrav to the captured section—and then send in his Llyrnian marines, fresh from Massilia sector. Within hours the Llyrnians had retaken the Highport in a bloody, terrifying assault that left no terrorist alive. Most could only be identified afterwards through genetic testing.

Emblem of the elite 3rd Battalion, 1st Fugue Grenadiers: The Llyrnian Marines.

The Llyrnians of Llyrn (Shinalo-6 Gee [F8 V] C433AAC-D) are a minor race native to Massilia sector. Their homeworld is the cold satellite of the gas giant Wenoshee. Lyrnians are trisexual producer/collector cavern dwellers, with Delver, Feeder, and Warrior genders. Delvers build and maintain tunnels, Warriors defend the community, and Feeders bear and care for offspring.

Llyrnian Warriors constantly vie with Warriors of rival communities over territory, fighting ruthless battles in narrow, dark tunnels. Warriors adapt easily to life aboard spaceships and make excellent marines. By tradition, Llyrnian Warriors serve as security troops on Geonee ships.

Adult Llyrnians vary in size by gender, but most Delvers and Warriors are about 1.7m long and weigh about 64kg. Llyrnians have cylindrical bodies that exhibit trilateral symmetry, with three “legs” on the bottom and three “arms” spreading from the top. Three “mouths” open under the arms as feeding organs. The body is covered by a tough external coat made of organosilicates, and the arms end in tough claws. The body ends in a “head” which holds the secondary sensory organs. These include three breathing orifices which also function as olfactory organs, and a visual band that circles the whole head.

Llyrnians breathe oxygen to convert waste products back to organosilicates and sulfur. Llyrnians exhale sulfur dioxide, a waste gas, in order to cool themselves, giving them their infamous brimstone smell.

Like many noble families in Massilia sector, the Kossuths incorporated Llyrnian marines into their personal huscarle units. When Duke Solon raised the 1st Fugue Grenadiers he made sure to include Llyrnian troops, which he freely deployed to bring New Mars subsector under the Imperial heel.

The Black Alberta was a notorious pirate ship that plagued the subsector in the 1030s and 1040s. An older Texas-class light cruiser formerly in service to the planetary navy of Union (Magyar 2927), the Alberta disappeared in early 1003 soon after word arrived of the armistice between the Imperium and the Solomani Confederation.

The rogue cruiser reappeared decades later to harass shipping throughout the subsector and was blamed for the loss of the Allegheny, a 50,000dt Ling-Standard Products ore freighter valued at several billion credits. On 137-1047 the Alberta was lured by a q-ship into a trap in the Iatur (Magyar 2628) system. After a brief firefight the Alberta’s power plant was destroyed, leaving the ship disabled and adrift in the Euxine Belt. Duke Solon’s own Llyrnian marines then undertook a daring boarding action that resulted in the recovery of the Alberta and the massacre of its entire pirate crew.

Following Duke Noah’s abdication, most Llyrnians of the 3rd Battalion resigned their commissions and followed their duke into exile. Most presumably continue to serve the Kossuth family.

Llyrnian Marine C79527
Str 12 (+2), Dex 7, End 9 (+1), Int 5 (-1), Edu 2 (-2), Soc 7
Traits Armor (+3), Claws, IR Vision
Skills Athletics (dexterity) 2, Gun Combat (slug) 2, Melee (natural) 3, Recon 1, Survival 1, Vacc Suit 2
Equipment Accelerator Rifle (3D), Combat Armor (+13)
Claws All Llyrnian Warriors have claws tough enough to rend open vacc suits and even breach combat armor. The claws use the Melee (natural) skill and do 2D damage.
IR Vision A Llyrnian can see clearly in darkness.

Llyrnian marines are justly feared as assault troops, tenacious in boarding actions and close quarter fighting.

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