Friday, March 10, 2017

Races of the Distant West

Beyond the Majestic Mountains are the Western Steppes, the Endless Desert, and the Great Inland Sea. Exotic kingdoms are said to ring the shores of the Sea. These lands boast some of the most ancient and wondrous human cities in the world. The people there worship strange gods and have mastered many secret lines of magic: elementalism, the binding of genies and demons, and necromancy. In the last couple of decades new trade routes across the Majestics have brought caravans bearing goods and marvels out of the West and into the North.

AMAZONS are female humans from the steppelands, fearsome warriors and renowned riders.

NOMADS are also humans, merchants and traffickers in genies. Their caravans crisscross the Distant West and occasionally reach the North in search of new trade goods. Among the nomads are the DERVISHES, fanatical worshippers of a Sun God.

GHOULS are intelligent, deathless creatures that worship some strange, dark god of the Distant West. The ghouls are almost never seen themselves, but they command many loyal servants who conduct trade far and wide in the name of their horrid masters.

CENTAURS live in various tribes throughout the Distant West, though occasional wanderers will travel to the North in search of adventure.

KOBOLDS are small creatures, though they claim to be descended from dragons. Kobolds live in their own warren-like cities in the Majestic Mountains and in strange enclaves in the human cities of the West. Insatiable traders, they have ventured across the North.

HAWKMEN are humans who hail from a fabled floating city, high in the Majestics. Fierce warriors, they wear beaked helmets and wondrous armor with wings allowing them to fly through the air.

GNOLLS are hyena-headed creatures, corrupt man-eaters and worshippers of demons. They are often found in service to the ghouls. Though rare in the North, they are greatly feared for their wanton love of destruction and abominable appetites.

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